Is Lindsey Graham A Homosexual?

For the past few years there have been quite a few rumors that Senator Graham is gay. There are several reasons for the suspicion including: he has never been married, he has never been seen with a woman [Google this one yourself], he displays a linguini spined decision making attitude, and he has never mentioned any love interests even in passing.

If Graham were a Democrat like Barney Frank, this would be a non-issue. Barney Frank is not only openly gay but has been reprimanded for running a bisexual prostitution service out of his apartment. Even with allegations that go well beyond the pale of decency, Massachusetts voters kept Barney Frank in office in the 2010 elections. See, no problem at all.

Conversely it is no secret that when a Republican is accused of salacious or criminal activity, it generally ends in resignation. In most cases it's the Republican leadership that asks the Congressman to resign under scandal. This blaring double standard confuses many people. We wonder why the same offence that results in expulsion in one case becomes a resume enhancement in the other.

The answer is pretty simple if you understand the tenets of "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky.

RULE 4: "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."

Republicans believe in the Constitution, which was founded on Christian principles, so it is simple to demonize them and call them hypocrites when they do something human like "sinning". Example: "He says he is a Christian and look how he acts, just like Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart." There, see how easy that was? As Democrats seemingly have no morals to speak of, they can't be held to any standards at all. Additionally, having a submissive and compliant Liberal Press Corps that ignores Democrat indiscretions is another a huge advantage.


The word "enemy" used by Saul Alinsky in "Rules for Radicals" is also used regularly by his admirers. Listen to one of his well known students on Univision. These hate filled Progressives believe their real enemies are only here in the United States.

To say we don't care about Lindsey Graham's sexual orientation is saying that we don't care what he does in his own home when the sun goes down. It would be better to see Graham dressed in fish net hose and a leather bustier, serving appletini cocktails at one of Barney Frank's parties than him voting for Barney's legislation to Nationalize the American banking system. In one case we would be embarrassed by the pictures on the Internet. In the other case we would be faced with stuffing our mattress with our own money to maintain control over it.

Should the government take over the banking system, the only people using it would be poor folks on the dole or those of us who couldn’t attain dual citizenship from another country. At that point the government wouldn't have to tax it's citizens, they would be controlling all the money anyway. Then like Social Security, our dollars would simply disappear from government coffers in the middle of the night.

If Graham were gay:
  • It would answer a whole lot of questions being asked now.

  • It would show that he is interested in someone other than himself.

  • It would reveal his strange proclivities for Democrat politicians.

  • A whole new demographic would show up at his town hall meetings.

  • Republicans would have their own homosexual to brag about.

So to sum it all up:

  • If you are still interested in whether Graham is gay then Google, Yahoo, Surf Canyon, and Bing should aid you on your quest.

The more interesting question is, what does Graham mean when he says he is a "thinking person's conservative". This sounds like Graham is claiming again that he is a "Conservative", he's just not brain-dead like the rest of them. If this is so, his ego is writing checks his record can't cash. If not, supporting Progressive causes is considered by him to be intelligent. Either way he has a big problem with the definition of conservative.

Additional Source:

Senator Graham refuses to answer gay question