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South Carolina's "Senior" Senator has a track record as a Moderate Republican [read Progressive].   Much like Sen. John McCain, Graham has a "reach across the isle" philosophy that has often served the agenda of the Democrat Party in Congress. Many questions surround the ideology of Sen. Graham due to the remarks and decisions he has made while [serving] the people in South Carolina.

This website is presented to the voters of South Carolina as a point of reference to assist them in making decisions about continuing to vote for Graham.

Last Update: December 30,2013

Happy New Year South Carolina!


The purpose of this website is to raise an awareness of the type of representation South Carolina has received from Senator Lindsey Graham. As a Republican, Senator Graham has been criticized for not representing the people who voted him into office. There is much concern over his Leftist voting including the bills he has sponsored with Liberal Senators. His activities in Washington have raised red flags among both Conservatives and Moderates in the state of South Carolina.

The issues discussed on this website are presented with "hyperlinks" (underlined words) that will take the reader to published articles and video presentations containing source information on various subjects. It is important that the reader is able to corroborate, for his/her own satisfaction, the substance of the content presented here as well as to hear Graham in his own words.

This website is by no means static and will be maintained and updated as political conditions change and new information is discovered.

Citizens of South Carolina are concerned about the direction this nation is going and have grave concerns about the activities of career politicians like Lindsey Graham. President Ronald Regan once stated that "GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM", so make no mistake, Senator Lindsey Graham is a "Big Government Politician".

The United States of America has never been a "Democracy", it has always been a "Representative Republic." So when you hear some Progressive Politician describe our government as a Democracy, know that this statement comes either from total ignorance of the system itself, or worse, from their desire to make us into a Socialist State. If this county were a Democracy, with a simple majority vote we could make things like rape and murder legal.

It is mandatory for every Senator-elect and Congressman-elect to take the oath specified by the Constitution that says: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States." As representatives of the voters of the Republic, in their oath of office they willingly put themselves under the rule of law.

As a "Representative Republic" our Congressmen and Senators have a solemn duty to act on our behalf. When politicians start governing in their own interests, it is our duty to question their actions and replace them when necessary. Should they turn a blind eye to our needs and wishes, it is incumbent on all of us to replace them with a more competent/honest public servant.

Everyone is encouraged to bookmark this website for the following reasons:

* There is a lot of information, so you will need to make several visits.
* Some of the YouTube presentations will take time to watch.
* Absorbing information is an on-going process.
* You may need to refresh what you have learned.
* Grahams' next re-election run is 2014.
* Information will be added until that time.

   "Progressive" defined

Since the inauguration of our Progressive President, the use of the term "Liberal" has become interchangeable with "Progressive." There is no difference between Progressive Republicans and Progressive Democrats. Liberalism has morphed over the years to a stricter form of socialist beliefs. There were "Classical Liberal" politicians in the past, like President John F. Kennedy who was fiscally conservative and socially liberal, but those days are over. The "Special Interest" groups on the Left, using money and strong arm tactics have eradicated the J.F.K. paradigm from the Democrat Party.

   Liberal Republican vs. Democrat

Consider the difference between having a Liberal Republican as opposed to a Democrat in the U.S. Senate. This is a case where Republican voters are denied the choice between fiscal conservative legislation and tax and spend Liberalism. With a Progressive Republican or a Democrat, the same Leftist policies and laws will be enacted. What is worse, to get the Liberal Republican out of office, voters have to hold their nose and vote for a Democrat for at least one term in office. It can also result in Democrat voters crossing party lines to keep the Progressive Republican in office, muddying the political water for Conservatives.

It is understandable why, in Upstate South Carolina, democrats cast votes for Liberal Republicans. First, they get the results in Washington they are looking for, and second, it neutralizes the republican voters. Have you ever noticed that there are virtually no moderate Democrat Senators [the mythical Blue Dogs]. If there were, the "National Health Care Bill" would not have passed with a super majority of votes.

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It is a fairly simple philosophy to understand, although it's not easily defined. There are some identifying characteristics that are common among all conservative people. The following list is presented to help you understand the principles Conservatives possess:

  1. You want to control your own life and income.
  2. You want to raise your children without interference from the government.
  3. You believe that the collective intelligence of citizens is much greater than that of the government.
  4. You don't need to be told how to spend your hard-earned money.
  5. You give to charity but have a hard time accepting it for yourself.
  6. You believe public health care will bankrupt this country.
  7. You know that your doctor will make better decisions for you than a government drone with a fine arts degree.
  8. You don't believe you can borrow you way out of debt.

The next list is comprised of accusations and misrepresentations made by the National Media [NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC,] about Conservatives:

  1. They all like guns and drive pick-up trucks.
  2. They are homophobic.
  3. They are bigots.
  4. They are racists.
  5. They don't know what's best for them.
  6. They are Islamaphobic.
  7. They are unable to raise their own children.
  8. They are Christian nuts.
  9. They are suspicious of science.
  10. They are narrow minded.

And a few more just for fun:

  1. They don't believe that the World Trade Center was destroyed by the CIA.
  2. They believe that terror is committed by terrorists.
  3. Most of them have not seen a Broadway musical.

The Congress is basically a large committee. A committee has members that by themselves can do nothing, but together can decide nothing can be done.

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The term RINO [Republican In Name Only] was coined for public officials and politicians who refer to themselves as "conservatives" when in truth they are "moderate" and even "liberal". RINO's think and vote like their Liberal counterparts on issues like higher taxes, re-distribution of wealth, special treatment for minorities, government regulations, and the approval of "big government" control.

Witness for yourself just one of the town hall meetings where Lindsey Graham feels the need to call himself a conservative. Next, consider that Sen. Jim DeMint's stand on issues and his voting record preclude him from having mention his conservatism. Having to reassure voters clearly shows Graham knows his record doesn’t support his Conservative claims.

Having been a Senator since 2002 it is clear that Senator Graham has enough of a track record to show any voter that "what he says" and "what he does" are two different things. There are also many instances where Senator Graham clearly states his Leftist bent regardless of the fact that what he is saying flies in the face of "Conservatism.” By 2014, Graham will have been working against the voters of South Carolina for twelve years, and that is a gracious plenty for a Democrat in Republican clothing.


If after seeing your spouse out drinking with an "old flame", is their claim "that wasn't me" good enough for you?


If you answered "yes", continuing to vote for Senator Lindsey Graham should be no problem for you.

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2010 Mid-Term Elections

During the midterm elections in 2010, Senator Jim DeMint personally sponsored "Tea Party" candidates for congress. Before the primary, Senator DeMint endorsed Marco Rubio, who subsequently won the senate seat in Florida. DeMint also helped other candidates by donating millions through his chairmanship on the Senate Conservatives Fund, an organization that opposes Liberal Republicans and wants to return the party to Conservative values.

Senator DeMint has been dissatisfied with the Republican Party after seeing the same "tax and spend" attitudes that define Democrat politicians. As a man of principals, Senator DeMint is determined to assist candidates who believe in the timeless conservative principles of limited government, strong national defense, and traditional family values.

While Jim DeMint was working hard for Conservatives, our "Senior Senator" Lindsey Graham was a spectator. Instead of helping fellow Republicans, Senator Lindsey Graham:

Looks like Lindsey Graham doesn’t want his Progressive friends in Washington D.C. to hold the loss of so many Liberal seats against him. Lindsey's principals might be non-existent, but his loyalty to the Washington "ruling class" will never be questioned. It's evident that after the midterm turnover, having no Senator at all could be preferable to have one like Lindsey Graham. You have to be some kind of a contortionist to practice this reach-across-the-isle routine. It looks like this guy is better suited to a Ringling Brothers Circus act than to representing the voters of South Carolina.

Reference Article:

One of the best depictions of what RINO's characteristics are and the destruction they cause for the Republican Party is printed in this difinitive article by The American Thinker.

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